A Bun in the Oven

Up the duff, pregs, expecting (or not sure what to expect), and ‘withchild’ as my Uncle Terry quite eloquently put it; (his way of saying he knew I was pregnant as I was looking a little more…round). Bun in the oven, just has more of a ring to it, and there’s no better announcement line for a London based Chef working at a beautiful cake and afternoon tea spot. We’re 20 weeks in, aka Half-Baked and excited to share the journey of being a chef and soon to be mama! Let’s face it, I was probably going to get a belly anyway…

Don’t worry, this won’t just be full of mushy posts anticipating our sweet babes arrival, nor the nervous first nappy change. You’ll find recipes, restaurant reviews, lifestyle edits, Pregnancy (and trying),  the occasional anecdotes of a Broodie Foodie & plenty of stuff that makes it past the baby brain (it’s a real thing<<< clingfilm in fridges, Dunkirk is in Scotland, leaving home with no pants on).

So welcome, and let this big ol’ journey begin.


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