Winter Skincare & Must-Haves

As soon as there is the slightest nip in the air, I pull out my jumpers, usually buy some new ones plus a winter wardrobe and wrap up like we are about to return to the ice-age. I am that girl who is wrapped head to toe in my duvet even in summer, and would always choose a beach holiday over the slopes. Brr. Don’t even get me started on the arrival of seasonal coffees, Toffee Nut Latte? I’ll take two.

So it baffles me the little time we spend looking after our skin, hair and body regime, and much like our wardrobe it could also do with getting a little seasonal make over too!

With winter comes harsh winds, low humidity levels and so it’s no surprise that with dryer air also comes cracked, flakey or dry skin. This year i’ve also undergone the challenge of switching to as many natural products as possible; being pregnant means finally taking those much needed steps to putting less crap in and on my body.

So, for these reasons I have come up with a list of my all-time favourite skincare products, some that would also make amazing gifts and others simply a much needed addition to your current or non-existent routine!

Top Winter Tips:

1.Continue to use creams with SPF- Even in the winter months our skin is still exposed to harmful rays.

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate, dry air = dry skin so beat the breeze with a good moisturiser and drink you’re water!

3. Frizz is not your friend, look after your hair! Try using a moisturising conditioner as your hair is still affected by the cold it may need some extra TLC.

4. Cold weather causes dermatitis to flare, nourish your face and body every morning and evening to prevent break-outs or dry skin.


My Regimes and all-time favourite skin, hair and body products:


1. Kiehls – Hydro Plumping Re-Texturising Serum. £41 for 50ml 

Rating: 10/10

Pro’s: Great texture, good value, mostly natural ingredients, intensive moisture

Kicking it off with my number one product that I just couldn’t be without, this serum is nothing short of magic. This silky serum plumps skin, hydrates and makes my skin feel nourished from the second I put it on. I’ve noticed such a huge difference since using this, my skin tone is noticeably more even and theres a huge improvement on any dry areas. I would recommend this for any age group as not only does it have ingredients that work towards maintaining young skin, but it also works on fine lines and the telltale signs of ageing. Everyone needs hydrated skin!

It’s a bonus that Kiehls have made a promise to continue using and adding more naturally dervived ingredients that are sustainably sourced to their range too. I Love You Kiehls!! Photo below was our little haul a few months ago, my other half picked up a “Facial Fuel” which is the only moisturiser he has actually stuck to using and likes! Not a bad idea for the gent in your life!


2. Kiehls – Ultra Facial Cream £24.50- £45.00

Rating 10/10

Pro’s: Lightweight, non-sticky, deeply moisturising, smells lovely, mega hydration

I love this as much as the serum, and use them both together! This cream has SPF protection and works to hydrate skin for 24 hours. I started using this just a few months ago and it has quickly become my favourite moisturiser at a fraction of the cost of it’s competitors!


3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream £85.00 for 50ml or £150 for 100ml

Rating 9/10

Pro’s: Smells amazing, an ingredient list to make any beauty lover swoon, clinically proven to reduce fine lines in 14 days.

An oldie but a goodie I have used this cream for the past 3 years, I would stick with it forever if I didn’t believe that it’s beneficial to switch your skincare up every so often. I’ve given it a 9/10 because of the hefty price tag which is 100% due to the quality of the product so don’t let this discourage you! I have very little more to say about this product, I couldn’t recommend it enough!!

The perfect gift for a loved one, they also do sensational Christmas gifts but as a little tip I bought one last year worth £400 in the Jan sales for £100! So if it’s a treat for yourself, it may be worth holding out until after Xmas!



1. Klorane Nourishing Mango Conditioner £12 (offers available)

Rating 9/10

Pro’s: The best my hair has ever felt, natural, smells lush, keeps hair sleek and tangle free

I discovered this beauty on a recent holiday in Portugal, it’s actually a Parisian Brand. As many of you know I have very long hair and it’s also a bit of an unpredictable nightmare at times. It can knot up at the drop of a hat and turns me from rapunzel into Anna’s bedhair look in roughly 0.76 seconds- this shampoo and conditioner stops the tangling and left my hair in remarkable condition for days! They have many different scents and also cater for most common hair problems- I use the Peony Shampoo which is best for dry/ irritated scalps.

Tip: Buy this range from Look Fantastic as it’s often on 3 for 2, plus they always have discount codes going (check the banner at the top of their webpage)



2. Tangle Teezer £12+ 

Rating: 10/10 I.Could.Never.Be.Without.This.Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pro’s: Detangles easily, less pain, handy size, absolute savour in the hair department.

Seriously, the best hairbrush to ever exist, I would like to take this moment to thank it’s inventors, and all those who made this brush possible! I lost it once and even rushed out of the house with wet hair just to buy a replacement. They also have a men’s range, so if you know a well groomed guy- my Fiancé loves his!


3. Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioners £6.39

Rating: 10/10

Pro’s: Natural, smells gorgeous, lovely texture, Vegan, free from parabens and 2017 winner of the Helathy Awards for best haircare product.

Love it. My go-to before I discovered Klorane and I will probably jump between both! I love all Dr Organic products and even use their body wash!


4. Moroccan Argan Oil OGX £6.99 OR Dr Organic Pure Oil £14.99

Pro’s: I never wash my hair without applying some kind of oil, it helps to brush it and also leaves it feeling more softer, looking shiner and I hope it also has health benefits for hair too! My go-to is the one from Boots as it’s easy to get my hands on and does the job, its a lovely texture and specifically formulated for hair. However if you would like an oil which is multi-purpose, the Dr Organic is very pure and can be used on both hair and face!



1. Rituals; The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream £19.50


Pro’s: Smells divine, leaves skin feeling nourished, soft and feels luxurious.

An amazing gift, they also do great value already boxed sets which include another favourite: the body mist or foaming Gel! For £20 you could walk away with dry oil, foaming shower gel, body cream and shower oil. All 50-75m or £39 for full-sized sets! They have a huge selection of different scents so pop along and see what suits you!


2. Neals Yard Remedies Mother’s Balm £20 


Pro’s: Pure, organic and natural

I received the mothers body oil as a gift and it’s one of the best I have used. I apply it to my tummy each night in order to help elasticate my skin and stretch marks. The only downfall is because it is SO natural it hasn’t got an amazing smell, it’s quite nutty which isn’t bad but I do love a pretty scent!

Highly recommend for the pregnant women in your life, or check out their full range of fantastically natural products!

 3. Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion


Pro’s: Truely relives dry/itchy skin, moisturises for 24 hours, Award winning, soothing oatmeal

This no-thrills cream is never far from my bedside, I put it on almost every night before bed and it does exactly what it says on the tub! It’s fragrance free and the very best kind, meaning it has so funky smell at all! The texture is thick, non-greasy and absorbs very well into your skin. An all-year round must-have, it’s suitable for even little ones 3 months + and great for Eczema or dermatitis prone skin too.


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