Meet Charli- THE bag to have for everything.

Pregnancy is exciting because there are SO many surprises, like “when am I going to burst out crying for no reason again?”, “how many days in a row can I use dry shampoo for”, “Oh it is THAT obvious I’m not wearing a bra” and “did I really just leave the house with my fluffy slippers on?”. It’s fine because there are plenty of amazing surprises too, like finding the most perfect baby changing bag!

Getting ready for motherhood has encouraged me to be a lot more organised and gradually I’ve been ticking off my list of things to buy before baby arrives. Can you believe the one thing that has taken me forever to choose is a Changing Bag? Erm how? I know, it should be easy! Admittedly it has never really been an issue for me to choose a bag ever before because it usually goes something like this…“omg that is so gorgeous, I’ll take it”. A changing bag however is not such an easy choice, it has to have substance and style, be comfortable and practical and be suitable to lug around the enormous amount that a tiny little baby seems to need *gulp* .

Basically, I need a bag that will give Mary Poppins a run for her money.

That’s when I fell head over heels in love with a bag that is practical as well as gorgeous…

Processed with VSCO with fp1 presetMeet Charli, the answer to all of my questions that look something like “where the beep has that gone?” and “how am I supposed to only have one bag?”. This faux leather backpack from Fact + Fiction is a dream, with a plethora of zip pockets and compartments it’s the ideal bag for storing everything a mum and baby might need…ever.

One of my favourite features is the zip compartment that’s perfect for nappies; no matter what kind of diaper disaster I may face when our little boy arrives I feel safe knowing that the nappies aren’t hiding under everything else and are mega easy to get to.

C3AAFE32-5C82-452A-A57F-96EE0FB14931There’s also a compartment ideal for bottles and it’s very convenient to access in those moments when a bottle is all a little one needs.

Charli continues to pull out all the stops when it comes to being a mama’s best friend, with an anti-odour lining, easy to wipe clean exterior and so much space!! EEEEEK.

I’ve also been a little conscious that I would have to choose practicality first and foremost and end up with a bag that I really don’t love at all, but Charli continues to surprise with a stunning and classy aesthetic, space for a laptop (busy mama/blogger mama friendly) and the bundles of attention to detail that just make you adore it even more.

The only downside? You have no idea how much I wish I had discovered it way back when I was a frequent gym goer because it is absolutely perfect for that too. It could easily take you from work to the gym or for after work drinks without looking out of place at all.

Now do I really have to wait until baby is here before I can use it?

P.S as I’ve already had so many of you ask about it; I have even managed to bag you a discount code! Use code Hollie10 for £10 off any bag @ and head over to their instagram @shopfactfiction to do a little bit of window shopping like I did first!

This is a wonderful British owned company by Helena and Nicola who have worked so hard to design bags with style and cutting edge features specifically with busy women in mind! Swooooon #Goals xxxxx

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