Laura’s calm and relaxed Home Water Birth.

I feel I was very lucky and had the postive birth I had wished for. I am a FTM and really don’t like hospitals. I planned for a water birth at home. Obviously if there was the slightest of risk or concern for me and/or my baby I would have gone into hospital but I was low risk.  My waters broke at around 3am and I had my LB by 12.21pm -less than 10hrs! Being at home kept me calm and relaxed. I had attended a number of hypnobirthing classes, listening to a number of podcasts/blogs and attended a yoga course . I used all the tools I

had learnt during my birth and did not even think about gas and air. I breathed my baby out and had a water birth. He arrived 2 and half weeks early so I didn’t have my birthing space prepared with all my little affirmations that I had printed and I hadn’t even finished work! I was with 121 midwives who have sadly gone into administration (3 weeks post birth) but they were amazing and we feel very lucky to have had such an amazing birth. x


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful birth with us Laura @Lauradownes2711 xx

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