Rachel’s Birth Story and discovering her pregnancy at 36 weeks!!

Rachels beautiful birth photoSo here’s my story…it’s a bit of a strange one but I found out I was pregnant when I was 36 weeks. Long story short I was told 20 years ago I couldn’t have kids so didn’t join up the dots! Anyway because of that and the fact I’m a little older for a first time mummy I was induced. That process was ok, not the worst thing I’ve been through but hey, it was what was best for my little boy so what’s good for him is good for me. I ended up having my waters broken after 30 hours as the pessary didn’t really work and then had what they described as a text book labour and birth. I opted for epidural as I wanted to enjoy my labour and whilst I have a relatively high pain threshold why put yourself through pain if you don’t need to. I tried just gas and air but it wasn’t enough so I went for the epidural and it was the best thing I did. Whilst it may not be everyone’s first choice it meant I could enjoy the labour, and I had the best chats with my husband whilst I was merrily contracting and dilating away! That was a really special time for me and my husband, we planned out everything as we didn’t have the normal 9 months everyone else has to plan! Once dilated, it took 45 minutes to push my little fella out and I really enjoyed that bit as after all the waiting around I had a job to do and I wanted to do the best job I could. Whilst my labour was textbook and some might say “boring” I loved it. Was really happy with my pain relief decisions and am now relishing my job as a mum to my handsome little boy, my world xx


wow! I just find this birth story so magical, imagine discovering you are pregnant at 36 weeks?? Thank you so much @rachelc2405 for sharing your special moment x

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